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The Power of Productive Procrastination 

What items on my bucket/task list can I procrastinate my way to progress on? How so?

This is a hard one for me because I don't have any deadlines unless I make them myself. I always tend to push back these deadlines as well. I could replace Youtube time with Skillshare classes. That would probably be the biggest one. I like to clean and cook as a form of procrastination already. Both of those activities are productive. 

Productive Downtime 

 What are some chunks of my day in which I find myself wasting time in was i'd rather not? What useful (small) things could I do with that time instead?

  • Being on my phone on the john
    • I would rather journal, make a to-do-list, or read a book
  • watching TV during meals
    • I would rather eat while watching skillshare
  • After teaching I normally don't work on anything productive\
    • This is okay sometimes, but I would like to jam with Paige more.
    • I could also do more rewarding activities than sitting around. 
      • Video games
      • Chess
      • Boardgames
      • Reading
  • End of the night when I am tired, I stay up on my phone or talking to paige
    • I should really just go to bed once I'm tired

The Power of Habits 

What 3 things would boost my productivity if I made them a habit? How can I help make those habits stick?

  • Charge my phone in a different room
    • Having really good books on the bedside table. Not caring if they aren't music related.

  • meal plan and prep
    • Use the cook book my dad gave me

  • I liked doing skillshare in the morning
    • Drink coffee while doing skillshare. 
  • Excersize makes everything else shine. 
    • its fun to walk with Louisa

    • listening to music

  • Take notes/send emails during student lessons.

    • Start by typing up what you want the student to review. 



Pareto Principle  

What 20% of my work leads to 80% of my useful output?

Practicing with Tori

What's taking up 80% of my time but not actually contributing much towards my outcome?

I'm not sure. I want to answer this question later. I am just coming back from a 6 day break where I barely did any work. I will keep tabs and edit this question later. 

Multitasking is a Myth  

What's one (or more) situations when I was in my 'flow state'?

  • Practicing guitar
  • Cooking
  • Coloring
  • Editing Estrellita score

What cirumstances & mindsets led to that?

      (It depends on which task)

  • For guitar
    • The routine
    • I like getting better
  • Cooking/Coloring
    • I find these to be very meditative activities
  • Editing Estrellita score
    • This is something I am really good at and that I enjoy

Can I manufacture those conditions for other stuff I need/want to do?

  • i can manufacture a routine
  • Having a relaxing enviroment where I am alone and not easly distracted will help as well.

Motivation is a lie 

What's a goal I want to achieve? 

  • I would like to be able to perform a few hours of singing and playing guitar

How can I make the process more pleasurable

  • Keeping detailed notes on my practice. What is getting better? Where am I making gains? etc.

Can I up my odds of hitting the goal by putting money on the line

  • Yes

How can I make the outcomes more tangible and desirable?

  • I can post my covers on social media more often.

Pilot Plane Engineer 

In Ali Abdaal's productivity masterclass he outlines 3 aspects of productivity. The pilot tells plane where to go just as you decide to do what to do with your time. The plane gets you there; this is you sitting down to get your to-do-list done. The Engineer makes adjustments to keep the plane running well. The engineer keeps you happy and healthy. I think that I struggle most with the plane and engineer. The pilot is easy for me. I love planning out my week, but have a hard time sticking to the schedules I set myself.

The Clock is Ticking 

Jimi Hendrix  was born on November 27th 1942 but died tragically early at the ripe age of 27 due to a drug complication. He is my favorite guitarist right now. 

Jimi and I share a birthday; separated by exactly 53 years. Two days ago, he would have turned 78. I turned 25. On September 18th 2023 I will be exactly as old as Jimi Hendrix was when he died. That gives me 1003 days to try to turn myself into the young demi-god I so feverishly look up to. Here is my plan: 

I will practice everyday. 

I will make music and share it as often as possible. 

I will write music that is meaningful to me. 

I will not let this project lessen my efforts in other parts of my life. 

I will not compare myself to others. 

I will enjoy the process and update my progress on this blog. 

Today I am making a commitment to becoming a better guitarist and a more hardworking person. For the first time in a long time I feel a childlike playfulness in music making. Fuel to catch up to Jimi. At least the best I can.